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Daniel Bernstein - President & CEO
Daniel Bernstein & Associates  Inc. | DB Builders Inc.

Since 1979, Daniel has worked with some of the highest caliber architectural and construction professionals in Los Angeles. Concurrent with earning and undergraduate degree from UCLA in Economics, he worked as a carpenter for many large contractors in Los Angeles, building museums, high rises, and public works projects. After earning a Masters of Architecture he then stared his own firm, building houses that he designed as well as projects designed by others. This early design/build company evolved into two separate corporations, Daniel Bernstein & Associates, Inc. an DB Builders, Inc. which acts as the manager of development projects and the General Contractor, respectively.

Maria Stermer - External CFO

Daniel Bernstein & Associates Inc. DB Builders Inc.

Maria oversees the financial aspects of Daniel Bernstein & Associates Inc., and DB Builders Inc., as well as the individual project LLC's and their respective funding obligations during the process of development and construction. She also assists in the due-diligence process reviewing the financial expectations of each project. Maria has 24 years in Finance and Accounting which spans a variety of different industries as an in-house professional and consultant. Previously, Maria was a partner at Hoffman, Stermer and Associates, an accounting consulting company. Maria is a licensed CPA and earned a B.A. degree in English from UCLA where she also studied Economics.

Ellen Golla - Director of Acquisition and Development

Daniel Bernstein & Associates Inc.

Ellen joined Daniel Bernstein & Associates Inc. in 2003 in order to assist in the expansion of the company's real estate portfolio. Over the years she has primarily served as the Forward Planner, managing our team of professional consultants including the architects, engineers, attorneys and title officers through land entitlement and construction process. Ellen now focuses on raw land and project acquisitions. She holds a BA from UCSD and a Master's Degree in Architecture from UCLA. Prior to joining Daniel Bernstein & Associates Inc., Ellen worked as a designer in Los Angeles and later in Raleigh, NC. She designed both residential and commercial buildings including public school renovations, multi-family low income residences, multiple industrial facilities and community projects.

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